Great Lakes Packing processes sweet, tart and brine cherries in northern Michigan.

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Northern Michigan cherry processing.

Tart, sweet and brine(d) cherries processed by Great Lakes Packing Company in northern Michigan.

Welcome to Great Lakes Packing!
Great Lakes Packing Company is family-owned and customer-driven, processing and preserving all major varieties of cherries in the heart of Michigan's northern growing region. Family-farm members started in 1972 with one lone but popular product: a frozen pack of America's best tasting, environmentally-babied cherries. Quality production led to market acceptance, helping us to slowly expand our product line to include other exciting cherry ingredients and by-products, including red and dark individually quick frozen (IQF) cherries, sized and sliced brined cherries, and dry cherry pits which can heat our homes as pellet fuel or provide breath-taking landscape material. With four decades of experience, we have a lot to say in our cherry processing history.

All about cherries
Michigan is environmentally-solid, blessed with varied soils, perfect for growing everything from asparagus and corn to grapes and, of course, cherries. Why are we so passionate about just cherries? It's easy. These little antioxidant powerhouses can play a critical role in the future of our society's health and well-being. Well, that…and the fact that they're the prettiest and most tasty fruit on the planet. We invite you to take a look at all the benefits cherries have to offer. After all, it's all about cherries.


Great Lakes Packing  Company processes sweet, tart and brined cherries in northern Michigan.

So what exactly is it that Great Lakes Packing does?
We're the critical link between farm freshness and tasty, colorful, eating. At the moment succulent cherries are taken from the trees, we begin the work of preserving and enhancing their natural qualities. When they are served-up in someone’s favorite smoothie or in Grandma's secret cake recipe, they must provide maximum enjoyment. We receive millions of pounds each year - directly from farm trucks. We examine each and every cherry for size, color, and quality. This fruit of the gods is then processed specifically for its ultimate use--some prepared as ingredients for cooking...others intended for gift baskets, perhaps for loved ones half a world away. Select the following link for more detailed information on what we do.

Cherry sales and service
Our customers are not vacationers pausing at roadside stands looking for freshly-picked quarts of cherries. Our customers are often the 200-lb gorillas of food manufacturing, those with exacting specifications and quality requirements who offer only the finest products to consumers. Great Lakes Packing has pioneered in cherry processing and thrives on high standards for quality. For us, it's only the best. When you're in the market for a load of unequalled red deliciousness, see our cherry sales team and customer service offerings, and hit the jackpot with Great Lakes Packing Company. Whether you are looking in the local grocery for a cherry red dessert, a tangy cherry snack, or a maraschino cherry for a cool Manhattan, we might be the processor who supplies the cherries.


These northern Michigan Great Lakes Packing Company employees process cherries in northern Michigan - including tart, sweet and brined cherries.

We're looking for cherry team members!
As a family-run business, Great Lakes Packing Company places special care on selection and training for its team roster. We fill many positions for harvest time, which begins in early July. Year round positions also open up. Select the following link to learn more about joining Great Lakes Packing's cherry team - including an employment application.

Northern Michigan cherry processing.

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Northern Michigan cherry processing.

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